(PAN 037)

In spite of numerous references, andy's car crash has managed to develop, since 1993, a personal way of playing ITS music.
"formes" (a French word meaning "Form", "Shape") is their second album.

When they first came out, A.C.C. were labelled as a Noisy/HC outfit, then the term 'Post-rock' was eventually used. Actually, dissonant tunes, soniclandscapes, and the progressive development of ambiences better describe their work.
A. C. C. stretches and fragments the periods of time and transform various sounding matter/sonic material into an element of composition :
A creation based on experimentations which provide a perpetual renovation.
Pathologically, A. C. C. result from the collaboration of five autists who manage to understand one another, and found a way of expressing it in
destroying their influences... From Steve Reich to Einstürzende Neubauten, not to mention Autechre.
Most of all, they create a very strong and up to date music that dares to go beyond any restriction... Transgressive Electronica...
"boldfaced" Post-Rock... Cinema for the ears...
Well, simply "formes" by andy's Car Crash.