critical seed vs. the spartan society
(PAN 031)

Yep ! Stop wondering ! Camp Blackfoot ain't the name of a detention camp which would only
exist in the "Twilight Zone"... Nor a nudie-holiday camp located in yer average Blaxploitation
Nope ! Camp Blackfoot is a new supergroup founded by musicians from the famous Oxford
improv band 13 Ghosts, who also regularly play with Derek Bailey, and Eugene Chadbourne...

Camp Blackfoot’s approach developed partly as a reaction against the subdued, introverted
nature of most interesting ‘90s rock. They were inspired by the innovations of bands like Slint
and Gastr del Sol, but couldn’t understand why groups working towards greater complexity and
originality in recent times don’t like to rock. Camp Blackfoot want to take the structure of rock
as far as possible, but to infuse it with the energy, aggression, and emotional force of early ‘80s
hardcore bands like Black Flag and the Misfits.. Not to be missed !