Crash my moon yacht
(PAN 040)

Cerberus Shoal formed in the fall of 1994. The group practiced in Boston and played its first show in March of 95' at the NYC punk space ABC No Rio. Working through the Do-It-Yourself punk scene this first incarnation of Cerberus Shoal released a self entitled 12" record and toured extensively around the U.S. until the end of the summer of 1995.
In the late of 1995 the second incarnation of the group took place and recorded its first LP "And Farewell to Hightide..." for Tree Records.
In May of 97' the group began a collaboration with another Portland, Me. based band called Tarpigh. The two groups joined together to work on two film soundtracks for Tim Follands. While watching the films the group improvised the twenty minute "Elements of Structure" and the thirty minute "Permanence". As a result of the projects success, a bond was created between Tarpigh and Cerberus Shoal and the music was released on C.D through the California based label Audio Information Phenomenon.
Cerberus Shoal and Tarpigh decided to join as one. A new six piece Cerberus Shoal began rehearsing.
This group went on to tour and record for approx. three years making music as art, expression and a way of life.
This Cerberus Shoal made three records: "homb", "Crash My Moon Yacht" and "Mr. Boy Dog". The first was released by Temporary Residence in Dec. of '99, the second is now released by Pandemonium Records.
Now the group is doing a good amount of touring in the US and will come, for the first time in Europe, in October/November. The great struggle continues...