(PAN 024)

Along with the Boredoms, the RUINS are probably the oldest and more established Japanese group.
They released 12 albums, 4 EPs, collaborated with Derek Bailey, Jason Willet, Ron Anderson...
Prog no-Rock drum & bass at its best.

The MOLECULES like to describe their sound as "No-Fi"... paradoxical, uncompromising, brutal, tight odd time structures one moment, noise improvisations the next...

MUG did a double EP, appeared on two compilations, and were invited by John Peel to record a Peel Session.
It is the side-project of art-brut weirdos from Le Dernier Cri, with Tony Kenedy who also plays bass in Badgewearer from Scotland.

ALBOTH! combine bizarre piano-riffs, distorted bass, heavy drums, odd computer beats and strange samples creating a radical music which combines the healthy energy of Rock with the intellectual power of score based tracks, backed with the expressive attitude of Free...

BELLY BUTTON did two CDs and have often been compared to No Means No, Ruins, Sabot, and some other drum & bass only gangs.