(PAN 025)

KEPONE is named from an outlawed pesticide that breaks down the human nervous system.
Kepone toured with Jesus Lizard, Lunachicks, Sloy, Helmet and established themselves as one of the very best live band ever.
After three albums, out on Quarterstick/Touch & Go, nobody should ignore that Kepone is one of the best Rock band that ever faced the face of earth.

ED HALL first appeared on the Texas live circuit in 1987, did two LPs on Boner rds, before being invited to tour by the Butthole Surfers.
Then, they did three album on Trance Syndicate, recorded a Peel Session, and toured extensively displaying their amazing and unpredictable guitar/bass work, propelled by mind-numbing rhythms and packaged with a very warped Texas world view.

Noted Art and Noise Terrorism since 1990, HEADBUTT involved over 30 people in total,
across 30 odd releases and 9 European tours.

BEAMTRAP formed in Montpellier, in January 1994, did 3 singles and will release an album in 1999...