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This 6 song EP is a distinct move towards more experimental musical territory.
Styles touched upon include out rock ("Uranium", "Iron Chicken"), free improv ("Zeuhl 1"), sampledelic manipulation ("Towers Open Fire", "Guapo Called The Law") and turntable demolition ("Zeuhl 2": a backhanded tribute to French avant-prog. collective Magma).
The record comes in a limited edition of 522 copies with hand-made sleeves, designed to each customer's individual specifications.

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Second full-length album from Guapo : "Hirohito".
An entertaining melange of noise, improv., electronics, prog., opera and sample viruses, utilising sax, CD player, metal, etc...
The plunderphonic approach to songwriting recontextualises sample sources such as Japanese folksongs, sound effects records and the Chinese national anthem, creating absurdist Noise Operettas out of aural detritus.
The cut-and-paste collage aesthetics of John Cage / Negativland / John Zorn rubbing up against the base stupidity of Black Sabbath.

great sage
equal of heaven
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Matt Thompson : Bass, electronics, guitar
Dave Smith : Drums, percussions
Guapo were formed in 1994, and have released 3 albums & 5 EPs to date. They have toured europe many times, playing with bands such as Ruins, Oxbow, Zu or Spaceheads.
Their latest release was "Death Seed" on italian label Free Land, a CD of hyper-energic improvised collaborations with japanese legend Ruins and london-based improv duo Shock Exchange.
"Great Sage, Equal of Heaven" was recorded at the band's new london-based 24 track studio, with guest appearances from Caroline Kraabel on sax and John Edwards on double-bass. Incorporating elements of avant-rock, electronics, folk & noise, the musical structures are intricate and harminically complex while still retaining a hypnotic rhythmic sensibility.
East european-derived melodies and Moog experimentation are also absorbed into the sound, creating a rich and densely textured music with few antecedents.