(PAN 013)

The universe composed by Hervé Thomas (samples, guitars, bass, vocals, piano) and Arnaud Fournier (guitar, saxophone, trumpet, flute) leads you into a unique dimension...
Somewhere between White Noise and cloudy ambiences.
A aery mix of distorted sounds, ethnic pieces, lamenting horns creating brilliant structures.
Hint loses their audience in an atmosphere of Noïz... or a Noïz atmosphere...
Rich and innovative.

(PAN 028)

In the Summer Hint recorded their third album on which they immerse the listener in an ocean of sound, treading a fine line between Noise and Ambience.
Comparisons have been made with Can, This Heat and Labradford... but in actuality Hint sound like no-one other han themselves.
Best album from one of the most intelligent French act, "WU-WEI" is a masterpiece !