450 volts
(PAN 034)


MILGRAM refers to the psychologist Stanley Milgram, who, during his experiments on submission to authority, persuaded 280 subjects that they were collaborating to a test on the effects of punishment : sending 450 volts electric shocks to people .
The punished people were in fact the psychologist's colleagues which were simulating screams, convulsions and total silence... death. Despite of that, 60% of the subjects applied the lethal doses.

MILGRAM is a French band founded during the spring of 1997, consisting of 4 musicians (drums, guitar, 2 bass guitars and vocals). They began giving concerts, producing and distributing their demo-tapes. A split-single with DE KU DILACHT from Lyon was produced by the French magazine PRESTO! in October of the same year.

The band recorded their first album at the end of '98 : 10 days recording and mixing at the Pôle-Nord studio (Blois, France) with Fred Norguet were needed to complete the 12 songs in Vierhundertfünfzig Volt.
A very promising French act, post/Hardcore, or Avant -Rock... name it as you wish but you shouldn't regret discovering that band... not unlike its pair Unwound, A Minor Forest...