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We did two albums by this old emo-core French act.
"ZYKQUIMASZ" was a 10 song LP only.
5 great exclusive studio tracks extracted from the "Nu" recording session - definitely the best period of P. Bones.
And 5 live testimonies of the power of the Bones... Sold out but very few copies without sleeve are still available at a cheap price... for fanz only !

"AMIGOS" is a 13 song CD on which the band invited their friend to record with them...
Which allow your listening to covers of :
"Swann Street" from the defunct Three (by Portobello Bones + Burning Heads)
versions of "Sixed" from Guzzard, of "Alleged" from Unsane, of "Hod" from Distorted Pony (by Portobello Bones + Hint)
"Well Fed Fuck" from Born Against (by Portobello Bones + Condense)
"State Of Shock" from The Ex + Tom Cora -R.I.P. we'll miss you- (by Portobello Bones + Cornu).
As well as some compositions played by the 'Bones with Tantrum, with Ouled El Rai/Beamtrap/Sawt El Atlas, with Julie Bonnie, with Near Death Experience/Ouled El Rai.
And also some remixes of old 'Bones anthems by Fragile and Fred Norguet.
A must !