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Artists / Bands

official site of the swiss band whose fifth record came out on Pandemonium Rdz.
Just out : "anliker", a 12 inch of Amor Fati remixes.

an amazing and inventive French band which truly deserve to issue an album.
Intelligent music expressing a lot of feelings, or no feeling at all... cold, Noise, Experimental... warm, beautiful, Noise...

Cerberus Shoal
Some years ago our pal Gavin, from Stick Figure, had helped this band to put out its first album : "And farewell to hightide". Which is how we discovered one of the best American band of today. Since then, those "Mainers" issued two more albums, and several singles making their mark in the world of beautiful and Spacey music.
Cerberus Shoal tour the States & Canada a lot, and they are intelligent and hardworking musicians. "Homb", their latest release was one of the most seducive record of 1999. Wielding the usual drums/guitar/bass assortment of instruments plus piano, brass, violin, didjeridoo, theremin, flute, congas, & some other ones harder to identify... the group takes you on a relaxing trip. Go for a delightful journey into the world of original music.

Double Nelson
Official site of one of the most interesting french band

Friends of Double Nelson who have important things to reveal and share with you...

Dionysos come from Valence and offer experimental pop/rock sonorities... very gifted they appeared on our "Popdemonium" split CD.
Now a Major band.

Side project of Hervé Thomas : grand electronica. Don't miss it !

An interview with Hint - in french ! -

They just appeared on an Erase yer Head single and are one of the best rock band...

definitely one of the wyldest band alive, and a very seducing one on records. After five essentials albums one should positively range oXbow among the not-to-be-missed... The best band ever produced by Albini, much better than Shellac, it's a shame they are so underrated. Listen to "Serenade in Red" (SSt records in US / Crippled Dick Hot Wax for Europe) their latest masterpiece, rarely has an album been so intense and attractive.

Pineal Ventana
A cool band from Atlanta, Georgia (USA) in between experimental and Noisy.
They are also to be blamed for the compilation "Our heat your moisture" featuring God-Co, Pineal Ventana, Melted Men, Morsel, & more... All in all 26 US acts worth discovering.

Un des plus prometteurs nouveau groupe Français. Leur premier album, paru chez Ultra Violet, est tout en finesse et talent. A découvrir.

Rabies Castes is a band from Jerusalem which has been heavily influenced by Unsane...

Ron Anderson
Former member of the Molecules, Ron has appeared on over 20 records. One of them being RONRUINS "ketsunoana" on our label.

A great news is that the upcoming and fourth album by the London-based Spaceheads will be out really soon on Pandemonium Rdz.
Believe me I'm proud to welcome such an unique and talented band... a duo of trumpet and drums, one of those rare bands that effortlessly cross and make redundant all musical categories and boundaries.
Their music constantly disguises and reinvents itself as it moves dynamically through beautiful melodies to outrageous noise... equally at home alongside rock bands, on World Music and Jazz stages, they regularly play at improvised music festivals and with DJs on the dance scene.
"Angel Station" will offer 15 songs totalizing more than 70 mns of Groove, delicious ambiences. Check their site...

TANTRUM Home Page :
Powerful and heavy as fuck... Tantrum rock hard ! Those guys also set up some good shows in their hometown Montpellier.
Tasty and active.
The Vicious Circle, Bawl/Beamtrap and Tantrum site have been done by Jean-Michel (playing bass in both Tantrum/Beamtrap) and they look great.


Art zero
site of ART ZERO, a cultural web-magazine dealing with "Hors Norme" music, aka Concrete, Arty, Electro-Acoustic, Improv., Electronica, Experimental... etc...

Cyberpunk New Age records
A web-zine announcing new musical releases, litterature... reviewing concerts and other topics.

Equilibrio Precario
This is one of the best do it yourself and xeroxed Italian fanzine. Covering Alternative music ranging from HC to Noise and some styles in between.
Worth sending promos to...

Evil Zine
A fanzine from Geneva featuring lotsa pix and interviews of Acme, Breach, Brutal Truth, Chokebore, Coalesce, Converge, the Dillinger Escape Plan, Fu Manchu, The Hellacopters, June of 44, Neurosis, The Jesus Lizard, Unsane…
About 200 Links to the best underground websites…

Heimdallr webzine
A very classy-looking webzine from Switzerland, that provides infos, reviews, articles dealing with Indus, Post, Ambient, Electronica, and any
innovative music. Send them your records and you won't regret it.

The name says it all...

One of the best magazines to be published in France, JADE deals with Comix, Music, B-Movies & a good range of intelligent topix. It looks beautiful and sounds great when you read it aloud...

One of the best fanzine with intelligent interviews and a good selection of Alternative bands. Although it's published in the state of Massachussets it's written in French.

Margen Magazine & mailorder catalog
A real classy Spanish mag. dealing with experimental, intelligent, improv., prog rock, Noise music... not unlike our "Revue et Corrigé"... they also carry records so check it out.

Mess-press announces concerts and bands.

Glossy and very well done magazine dealing with a wide variety of subjects in a very intelligent and complete way. A MUST read !

OX, Faces the facts
OX, Faces The Facts is a German based & written fanzine dealing with Alternative/Punk music & way of thinking.

planet zinzin
Web version of Climax, the planet zinzin fanzine…
Interviews of french alternative bands (Condense, Sloy, Prohibition, Heliogabale, Hint, Sun Plexus…) and a lot of records reviewed. Also visual gallery and web experimentations…
Made by the author of this site.

Very classy webzine feat. interviews with David Shea, Neurosis / Tribes of Neurot, DJ Spooky, a feature about Sonar 1999, tons of reviews, news, etc... etc...

positive rage
Positive Rage is a cool fanzine which has been in existence for several years and deals with good Independant/Alternative music.
Now, it's also a mailorder list named "No Reason" which carries Pandemonium/Erase -yer- Head/Trans Solar records, as well as records from other interesting French labels such as Amanita, Kalikof, Disques Métèques, Lykill, or bands like Fragile, Happy Anger. Worth checking out...

A fanzine mostly dealing with punkrock/Garage sounds but venturing from time to time to Noisier & more HC territories. A good one, reviewing tons of records.

Labels / Mail-order

Sugar & spice
The best place to get your fave HC / punkrock / noisy / garage /...items.

Label of Anah.
They also carry good records and set up shows...

Where to find your SkinGraft releases.
Rich Burnette is also organising tours for good noisy bands...

Hey everyone should know Amanita. This is one of the most respectable Noisy label from France. They issued about 40 records, mostly by obscure-but good- French bands as well as a handful of foreign ones like Badgewearer or Molecules. This is also a recording studio, and believe me Stephane knows how should be treated a guitar sound... He also plays in the great group VOODOO MUZAK. Last but not least, Amanita is a huge mailorder listing thousands of hard-to-find records. Definitely worth checking out.

BAWL records / BEAMTRAP:
Beamtrap is a Noisy band from Montpellier who issues its records on its label Bawl.
Good bass-driven and brainstormin' sounds somewhere between God Head Silo and Unsane... highly recommended !

day dream
A mailorder catalog + a tape label specialized in Groovy music, aka Dubology... cool site featuring good links.

David Fenech is a musician from Grenoble, well-known for his love of non-usual music.
I haven't heard the bands on his label but was told they were worth checking... [yes they are !!! ndlr.]

Dr Strange
Dr Strange records is the best HC/Punk rocklabel in the world. Great bands and a very good attitude. The Doc has just opened a record store so visit the "Strange empire".

[[[ fiction.friction record co.]]]
Young and interesting German label intending to developp new sounds from Post-Rock to Electronica...

FREELAND records
Real cool Italian label putting out Noisy music like White Tornado, somewhere in the vein of Distorted Pony... Unsane. But also experimental/improv stuff like Gorge Trio : a US band including members from Colossamite and the Iceburn Collective... Good.

House of the Rising Punk
The world's most comprehensive Punkrock web site where one can find links to almost every good bands in the world... I tried to list some personal faves but it's impossible 'coz there are hundreds of them. There you'll also get infos on some festivals, zines, stores, labels... a live chat and forums. A must-see !

Activists from Toulouse running a label and mailorder list, a non-profit recording studio, organizing concerts (they did Guapo/RonRuins)... doing a fanzine "Las Basuras", and offer to design your site...
Did I mention that they were active ?

Maritime view 44
A label that did a comp with guapo, and a mailorder carrying nice shit

North East Indie records
A young US label which currently has three releases out : a compilation, a heavy alternative rock band called Miravie, and a young ska-punk rock band The Taxis.
We'll work together on the newest and fourth album by Cerberus Shoal : "Crash my moon yacht".

Outlast records
Spanish HC oriented label, also setting up tours and distroing records.

PANX records/distro
Definitely one of the oldest HC/D.I.Y-minded label still in existence...
PanX distributes thousands of Punk/HC records through his mailorder and really offer good prices.
It was the first label to issue a song by Condense, and also by several others. ThanX.

Based in Grenoble, France, reorec is a label involved in electronic music productions.

a label offering innovative music mostly from Lyon.

Ruminance records :
New active label mainly doing 7" with bands like gordz, happy anger, ratiopharm, my own, ulan bator... & more.
Two of them started :
A CD-R only (Fille Records) dealing with hard-to-listen-to music.
A Tape-only (Busted Tapes Records) more into pop lo-fi.

Salvation Rds :
So far a mailorder-lists offering lotsa HC & related stuff at a very good price. Soon to become a label...

That is the site of the fine folks who help us with distro in the States, they carry tons of records and fanzines at a very good price. Tasty and D. I. Y. Order from them.

TAMIZDAT Revolutions Per Minute
TAMIZDAT RPM is an on-line non-profit record shop and distribution cooperative for new music from Eastern and Central Europe.
Offering the best electronic, experimental, hard-core, jazz, avant-garde, world, ethnic and historic music from the former "Eastern Bloc". With hundreds of sound clips, historical information, and artwork, on such acts as : IVA BITTOVA, KAMPEC DOLORES, TROTTEL, UZ JSME DOMA, DUNAJ, 2227, SABOT, JABLKON... Such independent labels as : Drunken Fish (USA), Earwing Records (HR), FV Music (SL), Indies Records (CZ), Skoda (USA), StripCore (SL), Trottel (H)...and there is much more on the way!

Trece Grabaciones
A new Spanish distribution agency which carries our releases.

A label and a band highly interesting.

Vicious Circle
a good French label trying its best to support local Noisy-Rock acts such as Tantrum, Sleeppers, the now regretted Belly Button, Straw Dogs...

walked in line
A cool label and mailorder catalog offering good prices. Upcoming on WIL, a ten-inch by Hint+P.Bones live !

WIDE records
Definitely the very best Noisy label out of Italy, working with such acts as Uzeda, Three Second Kiss, Zu... And many more.
Wide is also a fine distributor who carries cool Italian labels like FreeLand, but also some International like Touch and Go, Drag City, Thrill Jockey, Southern, too Pure, Skin Graft, Dischord, Pandemonium... Nice folks dedicating their life to spread the word on good music. Respect and enjoy !

15 years ago, Zan Hoffman started that label to distribute his original recordings. Since he is an extremely energetic guy he completed over 600 releases, over 340 hours of noise.


Actu-Music :
Announce concerts, magazines, give news on Indie, self-published French music.

An amazing site filled with valuable infos on so many interesting bands that it would need pages to list them all. They also promote bands like Melt Banana, U.S. Maple, Trans Am etc. in Dublin and run an independent label. Essential !

Collision industries
A merchandising company called Collision Industries which manufacture items for bands/labels like : embroidered patches, baseball caps, beanies (snowboarder hats), workshirts, workjackets.
It's ran by members of the band Rhythm Collision that you gotta listen to if you enjoy that good ole Punk rock music. Get their third album "Clobberer" on the glorious Dr Strange records...

Cosmic Shit Prod.
From Holland, Cosmic Shit Prod. is organizing tours for Double Nelson, Costes, Blurt, Spaceheads... they run the good group Stink Sisters. Besides Cati & JeeWee are awfully nice.

An internet independent band and label encyclopedia. All the great Alternative/Indie labels you love are in those pages ran by a fine guy from Gronningen...
Also the city of the great Vera Club. This site is packed with infos on bands, labels and definitely worth checking out.

French Scene
this is a site dedicated to help the French scene, recensing what happens in the "hexagon". Obviously, it has a page on KineticVibes/Pandemonium... so we thank Stéphane for his support.

Pez Ner
Best french Club located in Lyon.
Programs avaible on this site.
You can also witness/listen to the shows by using the realvideo-audio plug-ins. Definitly worth checking if you don't live in Lyon !

The PIT's
A small club located in Kortrijk, Belgium, where most of the best Alternative bands have played. You wish it were in your

A local radio airplaying lotsa cool/trendy music. Hip !

If you wanna have your tours/concerts annouced, or see who is playing next door...
Rock, pop, heavy, jazz, world, variétés...

links to links

Electronica links list
Wanna experience some electroniX sounds...

Punkrock links list
Laurent doing Sugar & Spice offers this link to hundreds of Melodic, Punkrock, HC groups & labels.
Hours of fun for fans !!!