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Best Tropical Plants for your Garden

Tropical plants are among the most diverse types of plant life. They thrive in warm, tropical climates and are less likely to die or become infected by disease. Listed below are some of the most important plants found in tropical climates. Read on to learn more about these incredible plants. You can often buy tropical plants online from specialised nurseries. Here’s a quick guide to help you get started. Now let’s look at some of the most amazing plants that you’ll be able to find in a tropical landscape.

Fiddle Leaf Fig – This plant has long, narrow leaves. The leaves are leathery, and can grow to 18 inches long. It is borderline hardy, making it an excellent choice for cold climates. Tigridia pavonia – This tropical plant from Mexico has bright, glossy leaves and grows on tiny bulbs. The foliage is attractive, and can be used as a centerpiece. It looks great in a luxurious hotel lobbies or corridors.

Butterfly Plant – This is a beautiful plant with unique foliage. It needs light water about once or twice a week. This native to Mexico and the Caribbean is known for its unusual leaves. They are divided into nearly triangular sections with a central rib and curved stripes. The butterfly plant is easily identified by its colorful, delicate leaves. In fact, they look like the wings of a butterfly. If you’re unable to find a plant that matches your style, consider buying a few more.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig – This plant has rounded leaves that grow along the branches. These leaves are up to 18 inches long and have leathery texture. It looks stunning in a corridor or a luxury hotel. Its foliage is easy to clean and has a vibrant appearance that adds instant charm to a room. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is an excellent choice for indoor plants. It requires a few hours of direct sunlight daily.

Bird of paradise – This plant is a popular plant in the tropics. The foliage is a striking orange, and the leaves are shaped like a crane. This plant grows in zones nine through 11 and is perfect for a tropical garden. However, it is not hardy and will need to be brought indoors during the winter. It needs to be watered regularly. Ensure that the soil is moist enough to support the growth of your plants.

Elephant Ears – The elephant ear is a tropical plant that can survive in the UK. The leaves are heart-shaped and are a deep purple color. Its large leaves are very ornamental and add a “wow” factor to any garden. In addition, elephant ears can only survive in USDA Zones seven and eight. If you’re considering these plants for your tropical garden, keep in mind that they’re hardy and require little maintenance.

Barbara Burt

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